Helmholtz Structural Biology

The Cross-Programme Activity (CPA) “Helmholtz Structural Biology” represents a network of research, infrastructures and expertise in structural biology in the Helmholtz Association. The overall goal of the CPA is to promote and exploit synergies by networking the unique, internationally outstanding research infrastructures of the Helmholtz Association and integrating complementary techniques and expertise, thereby promoting innovative integrated structural biology approaches.

For more information about Helmholtz Structural Biology, please visit: https://hsb.helmholtz-muenchen.de/

Centre for Structural Systems Biology

The mission of the Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) is to develop a fundamental understanding of infection mechanisms by investigating the molecular architecture of macromolecules from the host and pathogen as well as the functional interactions that trigger the infection process. Within the CSSB – a cooperation of ten partner institutions – scientists will use a novel approach which combines integrative structural biology with systems biology approaches to advance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of some of the world’s most widespread infections. This knowledge is fundamental for the development of new therapeutic strategies to combat infectious diseases.

To learn more about CSSB, please visit: www.cssb-hamburg.de